“A journey from fresher student to a skilled & experienced candidate”

Trio Relation - Part 1

College Students

With this project, our aim is to guide the ambitious students, to make & build them skilled & experienced enough so that they can choose the right option for them.

Experience Valley

Execute your learning by working in live project & Get experienced in multiple sector of working.

Upgrading Skills

Upgrade your skills through multiple customized programs & event in your premises. 


You will be invited at multiple internship at our partner companies (paid / unpaid)

1 to 1 Mentorships

Get in touch with mentors or experts and share your problem in live 1 to 1 talk directly.

Preparatory Programs & Events

Get prepared for the upcoming challenges through preparatory courses or programs

Job at right Place!

Get a job easily by having your work Experience Certificate and direct interview in our partner companies & corporate HRs

Part 1 - College Students

For students, We are conducting a number of workshops, Seminars, Events, Guest Lectures, Mentoring, Interview preparation, preparation session and multiple programs in their colleges where they will get the chance to interact with different personalities, mentors & experts.

We are also appointing them in our unique platform “Experience Valley”, in which they get a chance to work and learn through working in a live project in company. This will provide them a work life experience, where they will explore and upgrade themselves. Finally, they can get recruited in our partnered companies & corporate HRs or in any company through Experience valley working letter.

Student Journey with Project Samadhan


Programs & Events

Upgrade yourself through multiple customized programs & event in your premises. Learn & Execute!

Experience Valley

Execute your learning by working in live project & Get experienced in multiple sector of working.



You will be invited at multiple internship depending your performance & skills in experience valley journey.


Final Recruitment

Finally, we will invite you for a direct interview with our partner companies and HR executive. Success!

Journey from Fresher to Experience upgrade yourself

Upgrade yourself through multiple programs in your college and get skilled & Experienced in Sahicollege’s Experience Valley

Soft Skills


Technical Skills


Project Experience




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Students Feedback
“I really learned many things from DIPAK SIR about the whole project handle. I am now confident over multiple sector of project & working process. "

Shreya Kumari - BIT Mesra

" I joined Sahicollege for learning HR management but I get to learn other sectors too like marketing, How to handle a large team and multi tasking skills. "

Yash Kumar - IIT Bombay

"Marketing is my keen interest and Mr. GAUTAM Sir have taught me a lot about creative & situational marketing. i am now confident about marketing field”

Priya Sinha - Arya University

“I Loved the concept of 'Execute & Learn' theory. Experience valley guided me through experience in respective sector by execute freely and learning from the error found ”

Rakesh Kumar - Bangalore University


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“I started my journey with Sahicollege in March 2020, done lots of projects as team member and some as Project manager. I learnt lots of things from here and gained a lots of experience. This Experience Valley helped me a lot to build myself to able to get a best future & career” 

Ankit Sharma

DRDO Hyderabad
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