Karan Singh Bhandari (SM3013)

Associate Solution Advisor, Deloitte

  • IIT Alumnus
  • IIM Alumnus
  • Ex-Underwriter, ICICI Lombard
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About Mentor

About the Mentor

About Me

I am Karan, hail from Dehradun. Growing up I had wanted to bring a positive difference in society. I am finance enthusiast and sports person

Past Experience:
EX ICICI Lombard – Product Manager- 2 yrs

How Mentor will help you ?

#Career counseling
Choose the perfect career
#Moral booster
Assist in acing their desired entrance and college

Mentor Expertise

  • Finance
  • MBA
  • Insurance
  • Consulting
  • Engineering


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Client Testimonials.

Thank you so much Sahicollege for the 1:1 mentorship. It is very helpful for me. You have provided me with the best mentor Mr. Gautam Kumar. He is professional, experienced, and has amazing solutions to all problems.

Shreya Kumari

BIT Mesra

Sahicollege you have been so helpful to me. You have provided me a mentor who not only guided me but also reduced my challenges. 1:1 mentorship is helpful for students as well as parents, and the mentors provided are professionals.

Yash Kumar

IIT Bombay

I am grateful to Sahicollege that they provided me with the best mentors who guide me and help me at every step and also giving me the chance to enhance my skills and learn something new every day.

Priya Sinha

Arya University


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