Alok Das (SM1124)

HR Professional, IBM

  • EX-HR Executive, British Council
  • Founder of “Aspire To Dream”
  • Brand Developer | Adobe | Spark designer
  • Resume Building Expert
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About Mentor

About the Mentor

About Me

A young 22 years man who struggled a lot with low self esteem, poor self image, bullying, failures; has awakened to uplift and inspire the entire society to invest their time in their Personal Growth and live with true nature of the self.

  • Founder of Aspire To Dream?
  • IBMer | HR Professional
  • Corporate Mentor at
  • Teaching people the power of Gratitude
  • Evolving personal growth field, compassionate behavior
  • Brand developer | Adobe? Spark designer
  • Stillness is the source of my all creativity.

Past Experience:
EX British Council – HR Executive – 14 months

How Mentor will help you ?

Most Important tool to apply for job make it presentative.
The study of management is designed to provide a head start to students who aspire to leadership positions in enterprises
Communication skill make you attractive
Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a business or businesses while building and scaling it to generate a profit
Personality development is the development of the organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive.
The process of empowering women.
Self branding, or personal branding, is a form of marketing that an individual uses to create a uniform public image that demonstrates his or her values and overall reputation
Help to find for best fit job for you
Make your profile good that attract people towards you
Help to relaxation make you more concentrated towards your goal more focusing.

Mentor Expertise

  • Resume building
  • study management
  • communication
  • entrepreneurship
  • personality development
  • women empowerment
  • self branding
  • job search
  • internship
  • linkedin profile building
  • self-motivation
  • power of gratitude
  • reality of meditation
  • overcome self-hatred
  • self image
  • mental relaxation
  • self healing


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Client Testimonials.

Thank you so much Sahicollege for the 1:1 mentorship. It is very helpful for me. You have provided me with the best mentor Mr. Gautam Kumar. He is professional, experienced, and has amazing solutions to all problems.

Shreya Kumari

BIT Mesra

Sahicollege you have been so helpful to me. You have provided me a mentor who not only guided me but also reduced my challenges. 1:1 mentorship is helpful for students as well as parents, and the mentors provided are professionals.

Yash Kumar

IIT Bombay

I am grateful to Sahicollege that they provided me with the best mentors who guide me and help me at every step and also giving me the chance to enhance my skills and learn something new every day.

Priya Sinha

Arya University


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