The Trio Relation

Project Samadhan is an initiative by Sahicollege Mentoring Private Limited  to create a trio relation between

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Who we are

Project Samadhan, is an initiative by Sahicollege Mentoring Private Limited which will be providing a platform to all those individuals who due to any reason, are not able to get the right guidance and assistance at the right time. This project comprises three main components of this changing world who always get affected the most Students – Colleges – Companies & Corporate HRs

The Trio Relation

The trio relationship includes, College – Student – Companies & corporate HRs. In Project SAMADHAN, we are the bridge which is connecting these three components with each other. We aim to create new opportunities for all the three components through our trio relation initiative, providing all of them a platform which will be creating a mutually beneficial connection, open platform for students, opportunities for colleges to increase their reach, and a skilled candidate for the company.


# Experience Valley - Work in Live Project
# Job at right Place! - Experience Certificate and direct interview
# Upgrading Skills - multiple customized programs & events
# Internships - invited at multiple internships
# 1 to 1 Mentorships - Get in touch with mentors
# Preparatory Programs & Events - prepared for the upcoming challenges


# Exposure among Companies - multiple sector partner companies & HRs.
# Experience Valley - Students gets experienced
# Upgrading Students - multiple customized programs & events
# Multiple Corporate Leaders visit - Expert in your premises
# Internships & Jobs - Invited in our Partner Companies
# Reach among New admissions! - Get exposure among newbies

Companies & Corporate HR

# Be a Speaker! - multiple Guest Lectures, webinars & Conclaves .
# Be a Mentor! - voice of guidance by 1 to 1 Mentorship Program
# Skilled Interns - candidate from Sahicollege “Experience Valley”
# Experienced Applicant - customized Skilled & experienced applicant
# Multi-faced exposure - become a known face in the student world
# Monetary and non-monetary benefits


With this project, our aim is to guide the ambitious students, to make & build them skilled & experienced enough so that they can choose the right option for them.


We aim to skill students according to the current corporate & startup scenario through our platform which will help them explore themselves and get experience in Sahicollege’s “Experience Valley”.


We aim to provide them the skilled players who suited that particular job the most, reducing time of recruitment & risk of fresher.

Trio Relation at one Platform!
Join our Hand to make a Shining, Glowing, rich & Bright Future together.
Features of Our Project

Why Choose Us?

Join our Hand to make a Shining, Glowing, rich & Bright Future together.

  • All expert Mentors at one Place
  • Multiple Upgrading Skills programs & events
  • 1 to 1 Mentorship Program
  • Internships & Jobs at one Place
  • Multi-faced Exposure
  • Monetary and non-monetary benefits
  • Trio Relation at one Platform!
Best Industry Leaders & Mentors

Connect with your Mentor through 1 to 1 Mentorship, Guest lecture, Webinar & other programs.

Skilled & Experienced Students

Get a customized Skilled & experienced Candidate for your organization (Intern or Employee).

Internships & Jobs

Internship and direct job interview with our partner companies and HR executive. Success!

Experience Valley

“A journey from fresher student to a experienced candidate”


Trusted by Thousand of Students, Colleges & Companies/HRs

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Trio Reviews
Project Samadhan by Sahicollege is really a unique & needful Idea. We loved the concept of "customize your Need" & specially "Experience Valley"

Rajat Anand - Managing Director

"Idea of creating a trio relation is wonderful. Everyone needs a experienced students for organization vacancy and here we get customized skilled & experienced candidates"

Puja - MattsenKumar LLC

“I really learned many things from DIPAK SIR about the whole project handle. I am now confident over multiple sector of project & working process. "

Shreya Kumari - BIT Mesra

“Project Samadhan is a good initiative specially for our Bihar. Mr. Gautam is solving problems of every three important sector of society”

Rakesh Anand - Chairman

Ankit Sharma
DRDO Hyderabad

“My Name is Ankit Sharma, NIT Kurukshetra.  I started my journey with Sahicollege in March 2020, done lots of projects as team member and some as Project manager. I learnt lots of things from here and gained a lots of experience. This Experience Valley helped me a lot to build myself to able to get a best future & career” 

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